My ongoing journey from sex-negativity and shame to autonomy and sex-positive thinking

Heart shaped balloons floating into the sky

My first experiences learning about sex were through the lens of purity culture. I used to be the perfect picture of a Christian woman saving sex until marriage, complete with purity ring. Now, I’m polyamorous, which means I may choose to have multiple sexual and romantic partners. To some, it…

A history of systemic violence towards BIPOC and what you can do to help

An empty classroom

Sex education is racist. While at times I’m sure it is overtly racist, I’m specifically talking about systemic racism: prejudice and abuse based on race that is deeply entrenched in our society. These factors compound together to engrain policies of discrimination on an organizational level, effectively hurting people of color.

The perfect cure for a cold, rainy day

It’s finally November. The weather is getting chillier and I’m swapping out my favorite fresh blackberry margarita recipe for something a little more comforting: mulled wine.

Not only does the drink smell just like a crisp, fall evening, it’s also loaded with booze and a fascinating history that stretches back…

Kaylee Moser

Former software engineer, current freelance writer, host of the Sex Ed Podcast. I write about tech, sex, love, relationships, and sometimes fiction.

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