My (ongoing) journey to self-love and acceptance

A small pride flag held from beyond a shiny curtain

I grew up surrounded by religion, from Christian schools and summer camps to weekly church and youth groups. Most of these institutions taught me that it was sinful to be gay. …

A short story that’s really weird

Today is exactly one year since I joined the Free Love Farm, and I couldn’t be more content. Nestled away in the Sierra Foothills, my days are full of tending the garden and caring for the sweet animals that roam the land. …

My ongoing journey from sex-negativity and shame to autonomy and sex-positive thinking

Heart shaped balloons floating into the sky

My first experiences learning about sex were through the lens of purity culture. I used to be the perfect picture of a Christian woman saving sex until marriage, complete with purity ring. Now, I’m polyamorous, which means I may choose to have multiple sexual and romantic partners. To some, it…

Why I’m talking about it over six years later

(Trigger warning: sexual assault)

Back in 2014, I was sexually assaulted by someone I considered a close friend. I wrote this detailed account of the experience for my blog in 2016, but never had the courage to publish it. It felt scary to be so vulnerable in a public setting…

A history of systemic violence towards BIPOC and what you can do to help

An empty classroom

Sex education is racist. While at times I’m sure it is overtly racist, I’m specifically talking about systemic racism: prejudice and abuse based on race that is deeply entrenched in our society. These factors compound together to engrain policies of discrimination on an organizational level, effectively hurting people of color.

Back then, I had no legal recourse. Where is the law now?

A picture of the back of a naked woman hugging herself as if exposed

When I was seventeen and in high school, a naked picture of me from when I was fifteen was distributed amongst my classmates. This was done without my consent and as an act of retaliation. …

And he’s proposing to me too

Two wedding rings on a rock

I was in a Taco Bell drive-thru with my boyfriend when we decided we would get married. I had been thinking about proposing to him for a while and floated the idea of me proposing to him, instead of the traditional man-proposes-to-woman.

When we talked about it, neither of us…

The perfect cure for a cold, rainy day

It’s finally November. The weather is getting chillier and I’m swapping out my favorite fresh blackberry margarita recipe for something a little more comforting: mulled wine.

Not only does the drink smell just like a crisp, fall evening, it’s also loaded with booze and a fascinating history that stretches back…

Leveraging talents and passions to make money as a writer

This may seem obvious to many, but for me, finding a niche felt like a misty cloud of confusion when I first started to write for money.

My initial mistake was thinking that a niche was something that no one else was writing about. This is false. A niche is…

It’s not because I’m rich.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I were talking about our favorite candies. One friend, who was born and raised in South America, mentioned that she didn’t like to eat most popular candies in the US because pretty much all chocolate here is made with slave labor.

My initial…

Kaylee Moser

Former software engineer, current freelance writer, host of the Sex Ed Podcast. I write about tech, sex, love, relationships, and sometimes fiction.

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