My (ongoing) journey to self-love and acceptance

A small pride flag held from beyond a shiny curtain
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A short story that’s really weird

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My ongoing journey from sex-negativity and shame to autonomy and sex-positive thinking

Heart shaped balloons floating into the sky
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The Key Components of Purity Culture

My experiences with purity culture came from…

Why I’m talking about it over six years later

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A history of systemic violence towards BIPOC and what you can do to help

An empty classroom
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Back then, I had no legal recourse. Where is the law now?

A picture of the back of a naked woman hugging herself as if exposed
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And he’s proposing to me too

Two wedding rings on a rock
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The perfect cure for a cold, rainy day

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The History of Mulled Wine

Most people know of mulled wine as a winter tradition, but it actually dates back to the 2nd century. In an effort to avoid dumping old, leftover, or spoiled wine, mulled wine was created by using heat, sugar, and spices to mask the bad taste. This is…

Leveraging talents and passions to make money as a writer

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It’s not because I’m rich.

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Kaylee Moser

Former software engineer, current freelance writer, host of the Sex Ed Podcast. I write about tech, sex, love, relationships, and sometimes fiction.

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